Reference for Sub-micron Accuracy

The ALTERA SL Series CMM is the most advanced high accuracy system on offer from LK Metrology today. In its High Accuracy version it is among the highest accuracy CMM available on the market today, competitively challenging the market leaders in the sector. 

The advanced multi-sensor ready technology optimizes the CMM throughput and provides the opportunity to broaden the application scope to new materials and components as Customer needs change.

Among its notable features are the raised shoulder of the X-axis guideway which provides ultrafast dynamics, the S-axis 0.1 micron scale for unparalled accuracy, the increased stiffness and stability of the metrology frame and the optimized scanning performance which delivers first class high accuracy and throughput.

Available in various sizes starting at 8.7.6 up to 25.20.15 which can be configured in both the high accuracy version and the very high accuracy version, specifically dedicated for the most accurate parts to be measured by Customers today.

Accuracies starting at 0.7µm+L/600, repeatability 0.5µm, speed 318mm/sec, acceleration 566mm/sec2.

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