Mid-Size Bridge CMM (1m-2m)

The ALTERA M Series comprises very high accuracy multipurpose CMM with the most advanced capabilities in the widest available CMM class on offer today. Advanced multi-sensor ready technology optimizes CMM throughput and provides the opportunity to broaden the application scope to new materials and components as Customer needs change, without additional wiring or controllers.

The superior ceramic design, with near perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio and great resistance to temperature shifts, provides exceptional and enduring performance across all manufacturing environments due to the innovative folding guideway panels design.

Available in 30 different models, characterized by 7 different bridge sections, starting at 8.7.6 with strokes up to 60.20.15, typical applications are likely to be found in the aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries with demanding metrology requirements.

Accuracies starting at 1.5µm+L/375, repeatability 1.5µm, speed 833mm/sec, acceleration 2514mm/sec2.

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