Entry level/Compact CMM

LK Metrology‘s latest offer is the ALTERA C range of ceramic-bridge CMM. Using the latest metrology software, multi-sensor technology and design, ALTERA C offers high accuracy measurement and efficient throughput for measurement tasks in quality laboratories and shopfloor environments.

The ALTERA C range is available in five sizes: 7.7.5, 10.7.5, 10.7.7, 12.9.7 and 15.9.7. Typical applications are likely to be found in the aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries with demanding metrology requirements.

Accuracies starting at 1.7µm+L/333, repeatability 1.5µm, speed 720mm/sec, acceleration 1.900mm/sec2.

Innovative design features have resulted in a surprisingly compact footprint, making the ALTERA C an attractive proposition when floor space is limited or only available at a premium.

A choice of three CMM stands are available with ALTERA C – to suit customer preference and the application

CMM stand with standard passive mounts for a stand-alone controller

CMM stand with pneumatic anti-vibration mounts for a stand-alone controller

CMM stand with standard passive mounts for an integrated controller with keyboard and monitor arm and on-board PC

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