Coordinate Measuring Machines

60 years of trustworthy technology for utmost precise measurement

LK METROLOGY is the ONLY manufacturer to guarantee the accuracy of its ceramic technology CMMs for 10 years.

LK Metrology‘s range of coordinate measuring machines represents the ultimate in CMM technology designed for smooth measurements and long-lasting accuracy.

  • The ceramic bridge and quill provide a thermally stable and ultra-stiff structure for long lasting accuracy and structural stability.
  • Uniquely designed air bearings allow for smaller air gaps, providing greater stiffness than standard air bearings, in order to enhance the rigidity of the structure.
  • Friction-driven axes remove all the uncertainties of belt and gear-box drives, providing in addition hysteresis-free smooth and repeatable motion.
  • Superior pneumatic self-levelling vibration isolation dampeners, for optimum performance in areas subject to high levels of low frequency vibration, are available on all models.
  • Bonded scales eliminate the need for separate scale and mechanical structure thermal compensation, providing confidence in repeatability and accuracy.