Accessories For PCMM


up to 40% more efficient
portable arm measurement

  • Productivity – access all around the part using one set-up
  • Extra Volume – measure parts larger than the arm’s reach
  • Accuracy – metrology-grade table and calibrated worktop
  • Fixings – integrated part clamping magnets and threaded fixture holes
  • Ergonomic – eliminates user fatigue from overreaching
  • Portable – cableless set-up, does not require power
  • Universal – compatible with all brands of portable measuring arm

Access all around the part using just one set-up

By enabling the part to be manually rotated during measurement and scanning, the
FREEDOM INDEX TABLE reduces the need to relocate the arm or reach around the part.
Due to an increase of the arm’s effective measuring volume, objects larger than the
reach of the arm can be measured using one set-up. With no cables to connect, this
completely portable solution integrates seamlessly with any brand of measuring arm.

Control Packs

Probe Kits

Mounting Kits

Tripod Stands

Rolling Stands

Rolling Carts

Available in two sizes:

  • 700mm x 1200mm (27" x 47")
  • 600mm x 800mm (23" x 31")

the new FREEDOM arm workstation brings mobility to your portable arm, with useful features such as break castors, lockable storage, adjustable laptop, push/pull handles and worktop with threaded fixing holes.

Leap-Frog Volume Extension Kit

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