Accessories For CMM


The CMM Checking Gauge (CCG) gives confidence in the accuracy of your CMM, by enabling independent verification of accuracy using regular intermediate checks…


A wide range of standard and customised probing accessories are available through LK Metrology. Revo and PHS probing accessories are also available. Follows a brief listing of the readily available standard items:

Free Renishaw changer racks and probe modules with every new PH10 head purchased, from participating CMM suppliers

Renishaw modular probing systems allow customers to select the best combination of probe and stylus configuration to suit each feature and component. Customers will be able to experience the additional benefits of module changing, and optimise their performance with modular probing systems available from Renishaw.

LK Metrology is a member of the Renishaw Changers Program.

The follow special offers apply to PH10T, PH10M, PH10MQ or PH20 probe head kits:

  • FREE stylus change rack 1 and probe modules 2 with PH10T, PH10M, PH10MQ or PH20 probe head kits; OR
  • 50% DISCOUNTED probe change rack 3 with PH10M or PH10MQ probe head kits.
  • Offer applies to new CMMs, CMM upgrades and CMM retrofits.

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  1. MCR20, SCR200, TCR20 or FCR25 stylus change rack (FCR25 not available with PH10T).
  2. TP20 or TP200 stylus module.
  3. 600mm MRS rail and ACR3 probe change rack.


During measurement, and particularly when scanning, contaminants such as remnants of coolant, dust, oil and oxides build-up on the stylus of your CMM.

These tiny debris particles must be removed to continue to achieve high performance and accuracy standards. Manual cleaning is time consuming, often requiring re-calibration of the probe angles before use.