LK V-GP High accuracy gantry CMM

Made for large scale metrology applications the LK V-GP, with its elevated rails, offers the best of all worlds. High accuracy with maximum volume and full support for a variety of probing solutions including touch-trigger digital, analogue and laser options. LK’s gantry CMMs are constructed using materials with high thermal stability to guarantee optimum accuracy. A truly flexible and reliable CMM when size really matters. LK Metrology also provides customized gantry CMM projects that meet customers’ exacting requirements.

Key benefits

  • Elevated guideways combine high accuracy with maximum volume
  • Ceramic guideways allow for larger machine volume
  • Superior reliability and performance
  • Multi-sensor support
  • Integration pallet transfer system possible


  • Household appliances and white goods
  • Die and Mould Applications
  • Flush and Gap Inspection
  • Assembly Plant Setup
  • Telescope optics
  • Aircraft Component Inspection

Benefits & features 

A new breed of large scale CMMs

  • Granite rails with ceramic Y and Z guideways offering 300% more stiffness over aluminium allows for ultra large machine sizes with premium accuracy
  • Twin drive systems valued for smooth motion
  • High-performance air bearings
  • Floor-mounted or raised gantry versions to suit all environments and component handling situations
  • Available with separate measuring plate if required
  • Supports tactile styli, analogue scanning and laser scanners


Sizes * Probe head Probes
Rail lengths from 2m to 10m+
Bridge sizes from 4m to 7m
Spindle lengths from 3m to 4m
(available with steel legs or concrete riser foundation)
LC15, LC50Cx, LC60Dx, XC65D(-LS)

Other sizes available on request

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