ALTERA is a versatile CMM platform with a wide range of standard sizes and choice of probing technology to suit every application and  budget.  The proven bridge design combines more than 50 years metrology experience with the latest advances in CMM technology to define a new generation of CMM for quality and production use.

              ALTERA C 

LK Metrology’s new CMM – ALTERA C
All you need in a compact CMM with superior ceramic technology to deliver accurate measurements at an affordable price.

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ALTERA S is a multipurpose CMM with the most advanced capabilities in the compact CMM class. Innovative multi-sensor ready technology allows you to expand the capability of your CMM as your requirements change, and without expensive controller upgrades.


The ALTERA M range of performance CMMs deliver exception throughput and enhanced precision to the heart of your production. Exclusively designed for high speed tactile probe scanning and laser scanner applications, ALTERA M is the preferred choice for automotive and aerospace OEMs and other manufacturers of performance critical components. 


The ALTERA SL series of ultra-high accuracy CMMs achieve sub-micron* accuracy. Drawing on over 50 years of LK CMM experience, the ALTERA SL has been optimized for the most challenging tasks and highest precision. The innovative short-leg bridge design increases accuracy to the highest level for metrology laboratory equivalent measurement uncertainty.


With advanced probe and controller technology, LK Metrology has just launched its ALTERA SCANtek 5-axis CMM which combines 3-axis CMM motion with an  articulating  head that  moves  in 2-axis  as it measures. The resulting 5-axis motion delivers unprecedented  measuring  speed, accuracy and flexibility, whilst avoiding the compromises inherent  to  conventional  CMM probing techniques. Infinite  head  positioning  further  aids access  to  difficult  to measure features and increases the effective measuring volume of the CMM by minimising the space required for head orientations.

* high accuracy version

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