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Electronics have had a major impact on the development of modern society since the identification of the electron in 1897. Fast forward to 1959 with the launch of the MOSFET, the first truly compact MOS transistor which could be miniaturized and mass-produced for a wide range of applications, revolutionizing industry and launching the Microelectronics and Digital Revolutions. Today, most electronic devices use semiconductor components.

Consumer electronics are analog or digital devices that are intended for everyday use such as entertainment, communication and recreational purposes. Today, most consumer electronics are based on digital technologies and have largely merged with the computer industry in what is increasingly referred to as the consumerization of information technology and digitalization. In turn, the driving force behind the electronic industry will always be the semiconductor industry.

LK Metrology was established just four years after the MOSFET was perfected and was fast to adopt the new electronic wave that was sweeping the world by being the first to integrate a computer with a CMM, first to use a microprocessor-controlled drive system, first to co-develop (in conjunction with Renishaw) a touch trigger sensor for use on a CMM and accordingly, the first to develop inspection software specifically for CMM use. LK Metrology is today a main supplier of quality solutions to leading manufacturers in the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries.