LK Driver License

LK Driver License

Obtaining an LK CMM driver license 

A valid CMM driver license is required by your metrology software when using an LK Metrology CMM controller. 

Please follow the instructions on this website for requesting and installing the appropriate CMM driver license from LK Metrology. 

Installing the License Remote Update System 

Download the file HERE.

Unzip it, install the extracted msi-file on your PC and restart it. 

Finally, check if you can access this location: Start Menu > LK Metrology > License Remote Update System 

If it isn’t available, please contact your local LK Metrology customer support team.  If it is available, continue with this procedure. 

Requesting a CMM driver license 

Go to Start Menu > LK Metrology > License Remote Update System 

IMPORTANT right-click the button and select More > Run as administrator. 

1. Select the first tab Collect Status Information. 

2. You now have two choices: 

a. For a new installation license select Installation of new protection key.  

b. To update an existing license select Update of existing protection key 

3. Click Collect Information 

4. Save your C2V Customer to Vendor file to your computer Desktop. 

5. Email the C2V Customer to Vendor file and following information to the relevant LK Metrology license team. 

For customers in the Americas email the requested information to: 

For customers in the Rest of the World email the requested information to: 

– Your name, company name and company address (street, zip code, city, country). 

– The name of the Metrology software that directed you to this webpage. 

– A back-up e-mail address in case there are problems emailing you. 

– The C2V Customer To Vendor file generated previously.  

You will receive a CMM driver license by return email from the LK Metrology license team. 

Installing a CMM driver license 

Copy the V2C Vendor to Customer file received from the LK Metrology license team to your computer Desktop. 

Go to Start Menu > LK Metrology > License Remote Update System 
IMPORTANT right-click the button and select More > Run as administrator.

1.  Select the second tab Apply License File. 

2. Click the button with 3 dots then select the V2C Vendor to Customer file on your computer Desktop. 

3. Click Apply Update your license is now installed.  

You can now use your CMM as normal. However should you still experience problems with your LK Metrology CMM driver license please contact your local LK Metrology customer support team. 


 We take our responsibilities as a data controller seriously, see our privacy policy for details about how we process your personal data 

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